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Patients should try to come to consult us personally, for those that cannot do that, please send or fax to the professional group your recent symptoms, examination, analysis, early diagnose and case history (including patient's address, telephone number, height, weight), after discussion and diagnosis by the professional group, the treatment plan will be informed to the patient and he/she should receive treatment by postage. One can consult the professional group anytime during the treatment.

Contact Us
Tel: +0086 13631453379
Contact:Miss Wang
Address:Bei Xi Liu Lu Zhan Dian Zi Bo Shan Dong China

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Doctor Profile
    Dr. Wang Yong, character Shurun,
of Han Nationality, is born to the
Chinese  medicine  aristocratic
family,he has inherited the essence
of traditional Chinese medicine,he
uses ancient secret remedies as the
base and he complies........more
Gufang Introduction
    Gufang Chinese medicine
complicated diseases research center
is located at Shan Dong Province Zi
Bo City , ZhangDian Bei Xi Liu Road;
Zi Bo is situated between Lu Zhong
mountain area andLuBei champagne,
located at a unique......more
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