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Patients should try to come to consult us personally, for those that cannot do that, please send or fax to the professional group your recent symptoms, examination, analysis, early diagnose and case history (including patient's address, telephone number, height, weight), after discussion and diagnosis by the professional group, the treatment plan will be informed to the patient and he/she should receive treatment by postage. One can consult the professional group anytime during the treatment.

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Loud Concerts: Regrettable
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  If you spent college weekends swaying to live Grateful Dead jams, don't blame your ringing ears and hearing loss on age.
  One-third of the 28 million Americans with hearing loss can attribute the problem to noise exposure, according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. Loud sounds destroy the ear's sensory nerve cells, sometimes so gradually that you don't even notice it. Although you can't repair this damage, you can preserve what you have left. The golden rule: 'If you're in a noisy room where you have to raise your voice to be heard by someone 3 feet away, then it's too loud,' says Greg Flamme, PhD, an assistant professor in the department of speech pathology and audiology at Western Michigan University. Also, play your iPod on the lowest volume that's audible to protect against further damage. And if you return to the concert arena or climb onto the back of a roaring motorcycle, please do so sporting protective earmuffs or musicians' earplugs.


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