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Patients should try to come to consult us personally, for those that cannot do that, please send or fax to the professional group your recent symptoms, examination, analysis, early diagnose and case history (including patient's address, telephone number, height, weight), after discussion and diagnosis by the professional group, the treatment plan will be informed to the patient and he/she should receive treatment by postage. One can consult the professional group anytime during the treatment.

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Alcohol: Forgivable
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   First, be honest about your drinking days: Did you occasionally overdo it on weekends? Or were you a problem drinker who downed up to four drinks a night, several times a week, for an extended period?
  The former is repairable, says Robert M. Swift, MD, a professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University, because the major organs affected by alcohol—the brain, liver, and pancreas—are fairly resilient. Moderate amounts, about one drink a day for women, may even prevent heart disease and certain cancers and could make you live longer. However, if you put yourself in the latter category, ask your primary care doctor for an ALT (alanine transaminase/aminotransferase) test, which detects liver damage. And make sure you watch your waistline. Scientific research has found that more than four drinks a day predisposes you to belly fat, which can increase your risk of heart disease; the same amount of alcohol can put you at risk of stroke.
  Also, be sure to get an annual mammogram. In a study by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, older women who had consumed two or more drinks a day for 20 years—and were still drinking—had 3 times the risk of getting hormonally sensitive breast cancer than did abstainers. Finally, drinkers should know that one study found that just two drinks a week can raise the risk of certain types of cataracts by 13%, so visit an ophthalmologist every year.


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