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Patients should try to come to consult us personally, for those that cannot do that, please send or fax to the professional group your recent symptoms, examination, analysis, early diagnose and case history (including patient's address, telephone number, height, weight), after discussion and diagnosis by the professional group, the treatment plan will be informed to the patient and he/she should receive treatment by postage. One can consult the professional group anytime during the treatment.

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Real Ginseng- The Lowest Price
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   The ginseng is a fleshy rooted herb which is a well-known chinese herbs by everyone in the world, it is a perennial plant and native to well drained, cool, shaded hardwood forests of slope region or mountainous area 500-1100m above sea level where distributed at Chang Bai mountain and southeast region of Xiao Xing An mountain range. In China, the main ginseng-producing region is three provinces of Dong Bei, therefore, in Dong Bei ginseng is called one of the three treasures of Dong Bei . There are four ways of ginseng naming: according to growth, there are wild ginseng, yi shan ginseng, garden ginseng; according to names of producing area, there are Jilin ginseng, Korean ginseng, America ginseng,  Liaoning ginseng and so on; according to its concoction, there are red ginseng, white sugar ginseng, dried fresh ginseng, fresh ginseng, active ginseng and so on: there are also double naming such as Korean red ginseng, Jilin wild ginseng and many more. 

In many of those ancient medical book, the ginseng was recorded as even character, taste slightly sweet and bitter.

Effects and usage are as followed:

1. Nourishes qi (vitality): suitable for vitality exhaustion.

 a. Collapse of qi , facial paleness, heart palpitation, slightly increased of pulse.

 b. exhaustion of qi and yang , above mentioned symptoms along with cold sweat, four limbs not warm. So, one uses ginseng along with monkshood.

2. Nourishes spleen and lung: treat spleen and weakeness of lungs qi .

a. Weakness of spleen and stomach, eat less but watery stool, tired and not energetic, vomit and diarhhea, tongue tasteless and slow pulse.

b. Insufficiency of lungs qi , cough and weakness which intense during physical exertion, spontaneous sweating and weak pulse, easily caught flu.

3. Generates fluid and stops thirst: Uses in fluid exhaustion and thirst, eliminates thirst.

a. Exhaustion of fluid and thirst, heat and yin signs,continuous thirst, big pulse but weak; so, one uses ginseng with gypsum and zhi mu .

b. Internal heat and thirst, continuous thirst, weak pulse, yin deficit with heat signs; often uses ginseng with herbs that nourished yin and eliminates heat .

4. Calming and fosters wisdom: Mainly treats restlessness due to insufficiency of blood s qi , insomnia and bad memory; so, one uses ginseng along with herbs of calming effect.

   In addition, ginseng also may use to treat weakness of blood, sexual impotence and weakness of health with strong evil , intake of ginseng averagely increases qi and generates blood, therefore, rich qi with strong yang and strengthens the body s natural resistance and removes harmful factors.

   China Chinese medicine in ginseng s understanding. It had proven that it has strongly nourishes nutrition, restores qi , prevent collapse of qi , calming effect, generates fluids, stops thirst, improves vision and has foster wisdom effect; it also enhances physical strength and mental ability, reduces fatigue, enhances blood hemoglobin, regulates centre nervous system function; it also calms cerebrum, regulates nerve, promotes metabolism, restores malaise; it, too, enhances liver disintoxicating function, improves marrow s ability to regenerates blood, activates endocrine system and enhances organism immunity. Ginseng has good better curative effects towards weakness and heat signs, internal injury and stroke, weakness and blood lost after sickness, treats fatigue and cardiovascular disease, stomach and the liver diseases,  diabetes, different types of neurasthenia, anti- cancer and etc.

   Therefore, long duration consuming of ginseng may build up strength, healthy body, beauty and prolongs life; all these explained the ginseng is a real treasure.

   Gufang Chinese medicine complicated diseases research centre provides fine quality ginseng, and therefore has gained consumers high praise with its good prestige, consequently the cordyceps sales volume has rises year by year. At present, the cordyceps are a best-seller in China including Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia area.

We sincerely welcome everyone around the world to cooperate with us. Telephone order: +086-0533-8286794 (+086-013953329419).



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