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False cyst of the auricle
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   The false cyst of the auricle or also known as perichondritis (fluid type), is a aseptic inflammatory response of the cartilage membrane; the cause of disease is unclear, it may associated with slight external injury repeatedly such as compression, touches and others that related to machinery stimulation. The purulent perichondritis is characterized by acute suppurative inflammatory syndrome of auricle s cartilage and its membrane, it is often caused by external injury, surgical operation, frostbite, burn and hemorrhagic edema with infection of auricle. This condition must be treated attentively because it may induce necrosis of the cartilage and resulted in auricle abnormalities. The main signs are regional swelling of auricle, elasticity, redness absent, no significant pain, the puncture may extract yellow fluid. The patients are seen more in males, generally 30- 40 years-old and usually occurs at one side of ear (unilaterally).
Clinical manifestations:
1. Mostly seen in adult males, usually unilaterally.
2. Presence of  hemispheroid swelling at posterior of auricle, distinctive borders, normal colour of skin with hard or fluctuation feeling and no pain.
3. The puncture may extract yellow or the bloody liquid; after puncture, it will soon recurs.
Diagnosis basis:
1. Mostly seen in adult males, usually unilaterally of auricle with swelling.
2. The cyst occurs at the posterior of auricle, presence of  hemispheroid swelling, distinctive borders, normal colour of skin with hard or fluctuation feeling.
3. The puncture may extract yellow or the bloody liquid; after puncture, it will soon recurs.
Treatment principles:
1. Repeat the puncture of fluid under aseptic condition, pressurizes bandages or small incision for drainage with pressurizes bandages.
2. The physical therapy, laser therapy.
Medicine usage principles:
The usage of antibiotics and supplementary medicines against regional swelling painess therapy or fluid puncture therapy, the prevention of infection.

Clinical treatment results
There were 150 cases adopted the traditional chinese medicine (TCM), all recovered completely.



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