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Patients should try to come to consult us personally, for those that cannot do that, please send or fax to the professional group your recent symptoms, examination, analysis, early diagnose and case history (including patient's address, telephone number, height, weight), after discussion and diagnosis by the professional group, the treatment plan will be informed to the patient and he/she should receive treatment by postage. One can consult the professional group anytime during the treatment.

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Tel: +0086 13631453379
Contact:Miss Wang
Address:Bei Xi Liu Lu Zhan Dian Zi Bo Shan Dong China

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Doctor Profile
    Dr. Wang Yong, character Shurun,
of Han Nationality, is born to the
Chinese  medicine  aristocratic
family,he has inherited the essence
of traditional Chinese medicine,he
uses ancient secret remedies as the
base and he complies........more
Gufang Introduction
    Gufang Chinese medicine
complicated diseases research center
is located at Shan Dong Province Zi
Bo City , ZhangDian Bei Xi Liu Road;
Zi Bo is situated between Lu Zhong
mountain area andLuBei champagne,
located at a unique......more
Beijing Tianyu Hospital
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Beijing Tianyu Hospital TCM Department of Complicated Diseases

    Beijing Tianyu Hospital s Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) department uses TCM herbal treatment as a distinguising feature which combines modern complementary diagnostical method. It fully expresses our motherland s medicinal features, where is effective in treating long time unrecovered, drug resistance and easily relapsing complicated diseases.

   Complicated and stubborn diseases are widely spread in clinical practices of different departments, each disease is complicated and often has various forms. Eventhough, today, in such developed complementary medical skill, the results of treatment are not satisfied enough; patients always seek for many doctors in different places, nevertheless, the outcomes often unfavourable and leads to relapsing of diseases and even more severe.  As a result, the optimal treament time is delayed and exhausted patient s financial status. Thus, burdening patient himself and his family.

   Our department acts specially against those diseases features by gathering experienced Chinese doctors and implicating traditional old remedies as the basis of treatment. We treat the patients individually according to their own body constitution and condition, and have come out with sets of effective treatment plan which treated thousands of patients successfully.

   The main principles of our service are to propagate TCM, to help patients to regain healthy life and to have a healthy service. We shall to propagate TCM as basic and provide satisfying health service by a totally new ideal service plan, exquisite medical skills, good doctor s ethic and comfortable environment.
Beijing Tianyu Hospital TCM Nephrology Department

   Nowadays, the kidney diseases have become a commonly seen illness. Every year, our population has the mortality rate of 300 per million persons with the cause of kidney functions insufficiency (or CRF – chronic renal failure). The latest treatment against kidney diseases generally limited to the usage of corticosteroids (hormonal drugs), cytostatics (cell suppressing drugs), while in against uremia syndrome – dialysis of blood, peritoneal dialysis and other methods that can only delay the condition.

   Our hospital TCM nephrology department acts against these situations; by adopting old remedies elements, choosing the best herbs and therefore, after years of clinical research, our hospital has found out a series of combination of TCM herbs in against CRF. We start from the pathogenesis of CRF, then differentiate of symptoms, combining internal and external medication which treats the underlying cause and as well as treats the symptoms. Thus, considering not only the clinical signs of excessive evil poison but also the weakness of spleen and kidney, all these are the elements of  true and secondary weaknesses . While neutralizing the poison , it simultaneously recuperates the spleen and kidney. After intake of herbs, it can increases the phagocytose ability of white blood cells; increases the excretion of urea, sodium chloride and uric acid by its diuretic effect; excretes water and eliminates edema (water retention); and also invigorates the blood which diminishes bruises, break down the accumulation of cold and disperse the cold, nutriting and support the blood functions.

   The treatment improves patients immune system; detoxifies, dissociates, excreting urea nitrogen and creatine; and also decreases blood pressure, restores kidney functions and improves clinical symptoms.

   And therefore, patients improved blood circulation repairs the damaged kidney, improves hypoxic (state of lack of oxygen) kidney, adjusts kidney s immune function and electrolytes imbalance; all these benefit in maintaining and protecting the remnants of kidney function in order to prevent further worsen of the condition. The effects of treatment: eliminates proteinuria, decreases blood creatine and urea nitrogen, increases hemoglobin, diminishes bad effects of corticosteroids and etc. It has significant results in against various kidney diseases and CRF. While in moderate and late period of uremic patients, it can delay the severe condition, decreases dialysis procedure and some patients can even give up dialysis.


  Address: No:16, Xisanqi east road, Haidian Area, Beijing City, China.

  Enquiry tel: 010-82904196

  Postcode: 100096

  Transportation route: Xiao 67,Xiao 78,315,362 zhi,371,379,398,629,719,748,810,814,819,Yun Tong 109,Yun Tong 105,Yun Tong 111 get off from transport at Huang Tu Dian.


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